Raxx-on-Raxx Record Label

RaxxonRaxx is a Canadian Record Label founded in 2016 by Tiger Smith. It is an established record label based out of Edmonton, Alberta, that focuses on the placing, care and overall career well-being of the artists we work with. RaxxonRaxx Records procures and discovers talents and directs these talents throughout the supply chain in the music and entertainment industry. Meaning individuals who work with RaxxonRaxx Records are promoted, provided a platform, marketed, and provided access to videography, studio time, and various benefits.

“Our vision is to create and establish a quality record label
that provides access to industry-standard production and
talent management for young up-coming artists.”


Ibrahim Kabba, also known as ZoeZoe2Fresh, was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, on September 26, 1998. At two years old, he immigrated to Edmonton with his mother, Aminatu, due to the civil war in Sierra Leone. Growing up to a single mom, Kabba's mother worked two jobs to provide for him and herself. Her dream was to ensure Kabba received a good education under the jurisdiction of a Christian school where he could follow the footsteps of a God-fearing man. Kabba soccer and basketball passion grew immensely during his high school years, which played a significant role in life.

At 16, Kabba decided he wanted to quit sports and focus on his calling for music. At 17, he wrote his first single title 'No game'; from there on, his music career sparrow beyond his imagination. He was discovered by Tiger Smith, owner and founder of RaxxonRaxx Record Label/Entertainment, later signed him to his record label due to his talent, passion, drive, dedication, and love for music. Kabba has performed and opened up for some well-known artists in Edmonton, such as SPICE, TIMAYA, DEMARCO, 2FACE BABA, MR P/PSQUARE, and performed with LB SPIFFY.

Lee Harrison Shirt AKA Lunatic was born on September 26, 1990, in Edmonton, AB, at the University of Alberta hospital to a First Nations Cree mother and a Métis father.

Sometime after birth, Shirt relocated to Saddle Lake Cree Nation Reserve, where their single mother raised him and his siblings. He lost contact with his father at a young age. At the age of 16, Shirt began rapping with some few friends over some instrumentals on YouTube. He grew up in an era of 90's Hip Hop from which he inspired to be an artist. Shirt cites 2pac, Biggie, Ice Cube , and 50 Cent as his rapping influences.

It wasn't till 2018, at the age of 28, when he took his music career seriously. He was introduced to Tiger Smith, CEO & founder of RaxxOnRaxx Record/Entertainments, who signed him to the Record Label because he saw so much potential, devotion, and enthusiasm for rapping his style of rap is unique. Through RaxxonRaxx, Shirt was a featured artist in the single 'Chemical' his first public collaboration. Shirt says he sees his singles making the top billboard charts and wants to build his fan base in the next five years.