Tiger Smith initiated RaxxonRaxx on March 2, 2016 

Our company strives to invest and provide exceptional services to our artists and lay out the plate-form to expand internationally. RaxxonRaxx has worked with few artists in the past and currently working with ZoeZoe2fresh, and Lunatic.


ZoeZoe 2fresh 



Hi, My name is Tiger Smith owner/founder Of RaxxonRaxx Record/Entertainment. I’ll like to express my greatest gratitude to our fans for visiting our newly developed website.  The RaxxonRaxx team is working hard to bring you the latest hit songs, quality products, and entertainment. RaxxonRaxx is looking for new talents if you think you got what it takes feel free to contact us at Raxxonraxxx@gmail.com  

RaxonRaxx focuses on developing young and upcoming artist. We let the artists innovate their platforms as the company management distribute music, sales, and collaborate with prominent artist which allows the artists to develop their brand and levitate their career.  RaxonRaxx is known for hosting and promoting the hottest events in Edmonton, and we want to showcase our artists through their talents and hard work.  


Our vision is to take RaxonRaxx to the next level. To create a good platform for young and upcoming artists ‘let the unknown be known.’


Start your career today, do you have what it takes to become a music Promoter or Sales associate email us today. Raxxonraxx@gmail.com 


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